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Teaching Grant


Learning process needs improvement on the way to deliver the subjects to the students.  This is because the aspect surounding the subjects or the material are keep changing inherent with the dynamic social and economic change of the society.

There are many types of how to deliver the subjects to the students.  It starts from seminar trough discussion.  Among all of types, simulation is one of types where the students could participate actively to act as person on the real industry.

The simulation method is chosen to deliver a subjet of construction law including a procurement process to the students.  On the procurement method especially for government goods and services, there are many aspects that the student should know about it.  However, many terms are not easily figure out on some occasion during tender and bidding phase.  By doing simulation, the student could act as person who incharge on tender and bidding process whether as the committee or as the contractor, consultant and supplier.

A modul was developed as well as a student’s guidance.  This modul was based on some empirical investigation and previous literature review on the construction law especially on the procurement method.
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